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:: Truancy Diversion ::
1215 E. Truman Rd. Rm. 2001 Kansas City, Missouri 64106

Bill Hunt
Student at Risk Specialist
Phone# (816) 418-8942
Fax# (816) 418-8685

Welcome to Truancy Diversion!

     The Truancy Diversion Program is a collaborative effort between the District, Jackson County Family Court, Circuit Court Judges, parents and area youth service agencies. Students are referred through the Students Assistance and Family Empowerment team (SAFE). Seven schools with approximately 400 students participate in this program yearly. A Deputy Officer (CMO) is assigned to the student, conducts home visits, and develops a plan to improve attendance and academic achievement. The CMO manages and coordinates school and community support services for the student. Criteria for referral is:

  • Attendance problem-fifteen (15) days of absence per semester
  • Marked decrease in academic performance and/or behavior problem
  • Lack of parental involvement in school activities lack of family support.


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